Olivier Benloulou, OB for the close ones, is both an exotic car lover and a business man from Gatineau, whose success comes to more than ten millions of dollars. His passion for speed and exception cars is infinite. He owns one of the most prestigious car collections of all North America. Pagani, Bugatti, Porsche, Ferarri, Lamborghini, Aston Martin… He travels the world to buy, for several millions of dollars, the most powerful and distinguished racing cars that have ever been created. In order to satisfy his thirst for adrenaline, he created his own acceleration races stable. With his five fired up Lamborghini and his mecanic ingineering team, he attempts to smash the world records, just like his two big friends, Gidi and Jatty. While the first one owns a diamond enterprise in San Francisco, the second one possesses a car alteration specialized business. The three men, having started with nothing, are now millionaires capable to treat themselves with an excessive life, on the track as well as on their daily life. Follow them on their quest for glory, love, luxury  and speed!

Director: Guillaume Gauthier
Scenario: Loïc Guyot

Broadcasting: Ztélé