The movie Les petits miracles tells us about the story of families whose kids are hospitalized at Sainte-Justine hospital. It plunges us into the daily living of these parents ready for everything in order to help their kids recover health. Each one of these stories ends by both human and medical small and big miracles. Shooted in close collaboration with the Sainte-Justine CHU Foundation, these stories last for several weeks or months, and show the absolute dedication of the parents and medical team.

Alongside these human destinies crossing one another, we discover the day-to-day Sainte-Justine hospital reality. We observe the generosity of the personnel, attempting to bring a little bit of lightness into the daily life of the young patients.

This documentary is a tribute to the kids, to their families and to the medical teams relentlessly working so that these children win the fight against sickness.

Director: Loïc Guyot

Broadcaster: Unis, Autumn 2017


Les petits miracles de l’hôpital Sainte-Justine