Only few hip-hop artists actually manage to reach the heart of the majority. But Koriass is the exception to the rule. Through the documentary Koriass, Revenir de loin, the rapper reveals us the moments that have affected his personal and professional journey.

Through a touching testimony, Emmanuel Dubois tells us more about his childhood, affected by his father’s abandonment and the love of his mother who devoted herself to break the circle of “genetic poverty”. The artist tells us as well about the depression he went through, fatherhood, the importance of his family, his dreams and aspirations.

The documentary also follows the artist into the creation and launching of his new album, “Love Suprême”.

For the thousands of Quebecer who identify themselves to him, Emmanuel is the living proof that no matter where we come from and the challenges we have to face, nothing is impossible if we hold on to our dreams.

Director: Sabrina Hammoum
Director of photography: Hugo Généreux
Editor: Martin Gagnon

Broadcasting: TV5, Summer 2016


Finalist in the category best biography, Prix Gémeaux 2017

Finalist in the category best directing: biography, Prix Gémeaux 2017

Finalist in the category best photography: biography, Prix Gémeaux 2017