In Québec stands a long hold-up tradition and Montréal has even been, for a long time, recognized as the North-American bank robbery capital. Today, even if the golden age of bank robbers and cash escort looters is over, thefts are still being committed by remarkable thieves and in amazing circumstances. This documentary series recalls six extraordinary heists stories and brings up to life the amazing, dangerous and fascinating personality of their perpetrators.


Directing: Françoise Lavoie-Pilote

Scenario: Daniel Proulx

Broadcasting: Canal D


The interactive game ATTAQUES À MAIN ARMÉE, inspired by the documentary series of the same name, allows the viewer to complete his televisual experience on Canal D website. Immersed into the show’s universe, he gets trapped in a bank suddenly attacked by robbers.

Director: Anne-Marie Sylvestre
Conception and design: Tonton Communications