L’envol des Aigles : winner of two Gémeaux awards

Directors and screenwriters Loïc Guyot and Sabrina Hammoum won the Cultural Diversity Award at the 27th Gémeaux ceremony for their documentary L’envol des Aigles. The film tells the story of a local initiative to keep kids in school and prevent criminality amongst young teenagers from South-West Montreal.

The jury particularly appreciated the directors’ sensibility when describing this reality, cautiously avoiding stereotypes. The jury noted how cultural differences were not the center point of the film but were rather integrated within a larger portrait of society. L’envol des Aigles is about how a community of parents, coaches, teachers and policemen that mobilize to keep teenagers in school and prevent their possible drift towards street gangs.
L’envol des Aigles has also won the Gémeaux prize for “Best documentary feature: society”.